SRA Club

Sustainable Resilient Abundance

Saturday January 19th @ 2 PM - Simla Library

Bring your fave homestead made food, if you wish, and join us this month as we look forward and plan for spring.

This meeting SRA Members Share their Journey, followed by our usual round-table of resource sharing, fun, support, referrals & working together to get our homestead projects done.

Sharing the Journey

Homestead Made Lye, Soap and Naturally Soapy Local Plants

SRA club member Ginger will share her life-long journey of experiments, successes and lessons learned while she found a way to keep things clean, from the various local resources she has had at hand over the years.

Community Resource Announcements

Double El Conservation District

Double El Conservation has 2019 Cost Matching Grants available for Windbreak installations and Pest & Noxious Weed Management on your homestead.

Deadline to apply for grants is February 1, 2019 - so don't delay checking out this resource for defraying costs that improve your homestead.

Annual Tree Program is open to orders, with local delivery dates in late spring.

Learn more at their website:

2019 Windbreak Matching Grant Information.

2019 Pest & Noxious Weed Grant Information

Annual Tree Seedling & Large Tree Open to Orders

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