Holiday Shopping - Done (I'm not kidding)

The Meaning of Life

The Anna Karenina Fix: Life Lessons from Russian Literature by Viv Groskop

A self-help memoir based on Russian Literature - of course! Who else can narrate the trials and tribulations of life like the Russian Greats? No one, that’s who. Groskop even goes so far as to learn the language - she is that enamored with its lessons. That is not necessary. Most of us just need good translations of these classic works to help us understand life. How can the Russians know these things and still cause so much trouble? Because they’re human, that’s why. A fun read for anyone hooked on Russian lit. ~ Dianne

Sleeper Novel

Traveling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa

We’ve all known a cat. It may have been ours, or a friend’s, or even our aunt’s strange cat that always sat on the TV and stared at us. Arikawa’s book gives us a new insight into these aloof furballs. Switching perspective between a young Japanese man and his cat, this book is truly one of the most beautiful books I’ve read. Satoru adopts a stray cat that he names Nana. When his circumstances change, he travels to see three friends from his past, looking for someone to look after Nana. With wit, poignancy and pure love, this book shows that our pets have the purest form of love. ~Ezra

Fifty erudite but hilarious postcards to send or keep

The Snooty Bookshop by Tom Gauld

Last year's Baking with Kafka made me chuckle every time I opened it. This is no different. Simple drawings, deep ideas, big laughs. Many (most) literary themed.

It's not too early to think about stocking stuffers.

Don't Forget to Tune in!

Tomorrow on PBS! The voting is closed, the results are in... what is America's best loved book? I expect to hear either whoops of joy or strident outrage on Wednesday. Let us know what you think on social media (links below) or in an old-fashioned drop-in.

We did our own highly scientific polling in the store, and the top three vote-getters are To Kill a Mockingbird, Lord of the Rings, and 1984. How do think we'll match up to the national vote?

We're Listening to... Broken Ice by Matt Goldman

Did you know you can download audios from us? This Minnesota mystery is a great listen - an entertaining and quick-paced mystery starring P.I. Nils Shapiro. Highly recommended.