The Snow Globe

Up to our ears in books. Seriously.

This will be a quick newsletter. We are swimming in books this week - new and used, and we've been scrambling to get them all out on the shelves for you guys to go through. So, no time to wax poetic here. I'll just hit the highlights below to show you the range of the new arrivals, and hopefully see you at SB soon.

Today's New Releases

The One Everyone's Talking About

Fear by Bob Woodward

You'd have to be living in a news void lately to avoid hearing about this title - veteran journalist Bob Woodward's examination of inside the Trump White House. With the glut of D.C. tell-alls in the last few months, one would think we'd all be getting sick of these things, but Woodward's name holds weight. Judging by our pre-orders, this is the one everybody's been waiting for.



Plus a Whole Bunch of Used Books, too..

Dianne & I did a whirlwind trip downstate this past weekend for used book sales. Three sales, three towns, two days. A sh*t-ton of books. Figuring we can usually get over 50 books in a box, the above picture will give you an idea of how many we brought back. They're all priced and mostly put away. By the end of Wednesday, everything will be done & ready for perusal. When we get windfalls like this, it's like walking into a whole new store. Especially with the influx of brand new books every Tuesday. It's never boring around here.

(And, just for the record, if anyone out there is looking for a mini-van, we rented a Chrysler Pacifica for the trip. Got 30 MPG on the way down, 26 on the way home, fully loaded. Impressive.)

We're Listening to... Sadie by Courtney Summers

Did you know you can download audio books from us? This is an amazing read - a full cast of narrators paired with a haunting novel about a missing girl on a journey of revenge and a Serial—like podcast following the clues she's left behind.