Los Lunas Museum of Heritage & Arts

Fall Exhibits & Events

Itinerary for Saints & Sinners Tour

9:30 am Meet tour guides and buses at Camino Real Winery & Tap Room

133 Vallejos Road, Los Lunas, NM

9:45 am Buses depart for St. Augustine Church, Isleta, NM

10:00 am Arrive at Isleta

10:45 am Buses depart for Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, Peralta, NM

11:00 am Arrive at Peralta

11:45 am Buses depart for Museum of Heritage & Arts, Los Lunas, NM

12:00 pm Lunch and tour of Tercentennial Exhibit Commemorating the San Clemente Land Grant (September 17th tour) or Interpretations of Life Through Pastelists’ Hands (October 14th tour) at the Museum of Heritage & Arts

1:00 pm Buses depart for San Antonio de Los Lentes, Los Lunas, NM

1:15 pm Arrive at Los Lunas

2:00 pm Buses depart for Camino Real Winery & Tap Room Los Lunas, NM

2:15 pm Arrive at Camino Real Winery & Tap Room

End of Official Tour

2:15 pm-? Enjoy Camino Real Winery & Tap Room

About the Pastel Society of New Mexico

The Pastel Society of New Mexico (PSNM) was born in 1989 by a group of New Mexico Artists seeking support and a gathering place for creatives working in the medium of pastel. As the membership grew, the group began hosting a National Show spotlighting the medium, which in 2016 will be hosting its 25th annual event. The show receives entries from as far away as Spain and is juried and judged by some of the top artists in the country.

As the group continued to grow its membership, from all across the state and beyond, it was decided to create a points system to gain the status of Signature Membership. The status is hard earned through points accumulated both by acceptance into, and receiving awards from the annual National Show. The Pastel Society of New Mexico now boasts 85 signature members in this select group of our best artists.

PSNM was born here in New Mexico and has centered its activities in the Albuquerque area since 1989. Our Signature Member shows have been held in museums, art galleries and other venues throughout the state. So many of our members have spent a lifetime in New Mexico and their artwork is influenced by the rich culture and environment here. We offer the best of the best pastelists from New Mexico and beyond, and the dozens of rich artistic histories that each member brings with her/his works of art.