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Road Trips on My Mind...

I have four road trips in the next five weeks. Nothing like the 4000 mile trek my sister Denise & I did a few years back - just a few quick jaunts: Duluth with Denise, downstate to visit the in-laws, Paradise for Steve Hamilton's signing (see below), and then Ann Arbor with Dianne for our annual used book stock-up buying spree. A lot of miles to be sure, but a little at a time.

Why is this important to you? I dunno. It probably isn't. I really just wanted an excuse to share a pic of our Road Trip display (above) because it's kind of cool. I guess I'm also in the mood to wander. I love driving, especially if it's for something fun, and thankfully all these trips are a a joy in their own way, and everyone I'm traveling with are good companions. When we're not gabbing away, Denise reads to me, bringing a book to life, complete with hand gestures and different voices for each character. It's quite dramatic. My husband & I often listen to an audio book. On the Ann Arbor trip, Dianne and I do strategic SB planning all the way down, the two days we're there, and then run out of steam around Saginaw on the way back north. Then cue David Sedaris.

So even though I'll be on the road, stories are still part of my life. I download audios from Libro.fm, our audio partner, and off I go. (Actually, I'm always listening to something - I get in 30-40 minutes a day.) Do you do audios? Do you drive, run, craft, cook, clean? All are great opportunities to listen to books. Are you an Audible member? Switch to Libro, send me an email & I'll get you two free credits. The website is super easy to use, and it helps out your friendly neighborhood bookstore, even if you're not actually in this neighborhood.

It's the last few weeks of summer, some of the most beautiful weeks to explore the Yoop and beyond. Hike, shop, eat, or just drive and see something new. Enjoy the sunshine while it's still here. Pretty soon the big Lake will be tolerable enough to go in more than knee deep without getting hypothermia. But not for long. Have fun!

We're listening to...The Outsider by Stephen King

Oooh boy. A twisty murder mystery turns just plain twisted, as only King can do.



In this short video, author Nick Arvin reveals that book clubs for men can indeed be very manly. Funny and thoughtful and worth three minutes of your life.

Bookstore addict? Heading west?

Stop by the store and pick up a Indie Bookstore Road Map to all the independent bookstores in the midwest, put out by the Midwest Independent Booksellers Association.

Ironically, the Lower Peninsula isn't on it, which seems like justice somehow, considering how often the U.P. gets ignored. ;)