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Space still available for Oct. 14th Saints & Sinners Tour

Saints & Sinners Tour Itinerary

9:30 am Meet tour guides and buses at Camino Real Winery & Tap Room

133 Vallejos Road, Los Lunas, NM

9:45 am Buses depart for St. Augustine Church, Isleta, NM

10:00 am Arrive at Isleta

10:45 am Buses depart for Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, Peralta, NM

11:00 am Arrive at Peralta

11:45 am Buses depart for Museum of Heritage & Arts, Los Lunas, NM

12:00 pm Lunch and tour of Tercentennial Exhibit Commemorating the San Clemente Land Grant (September 17th tour) or Interpretations of Life Through Pastelists’ Hands (October 14th tour) at the Museum of Heritage & Arts

1:00 pm Buses depart for San Antonio de Los Lentes, Los Lunas, NM

1:15 pm Arrive at Los Lunas

2:00 pm Buses depart for Camino Real Winery & Tap Room Los Lunas, NM

2:15 pm Arrive at Camino Real Winery & Tap Room

End of Official Tour

2:15 pm-? Enjoy Camino Real Winery & Tap Room