SRA Club

Sustainable Resilient Abundance

Saturday July 15, 2017 @ 11AM - Simla Branch Library

We've moved our meeting time to 11:00 for summer time. Allows indoor time during heat of day. Bonus - right time of day for us to bring and share our favorite, down home recipes/local produce offerings for potluck lunch :) Refreshments/Potluck welcomed, but not required!

What Does "Local" really mean?

This month, as we enjoy the frequent arrival of rainfall, we continue discussions regarding the benefits of local networks for necessities (food, water, energy, waste management), as well as exploring collaborative efforts to enhance our local products/service offerings and community.


  1. Continue work on sustainability grant for supplies needed for group to build/maintain teaching/learning garden/permaculture area in collaboration with local conservation agency for purpose of education/benefit of our community, while highlighting the products/services and technical assistance locally available for conservation projects.
  2. Discuss possibilities for group exchange system/platform that can grow to include/invite/partner with other community citizens, organizations and businesses.
  3. Our monthly round-table discussion on any topic of concern brought up, brainstorming and share of experience between members.

Book Picks

Simla Frozen Foods Locker and Store

Have you stopped by and tried the variety of traditionally cured meats or the heavenly smoked andouille, kielbasa or brats available at Simla Food Store?

Perfect for the quick, one pan, skillet/ toaster oven meal (just add your veggies!) OR tossed on the grill for your summer BBQ!

YUM! Visit Simla foods and browse their offerings OR learn more about the services the Locker Plant provides online here.

Community Resources

Simla Committee for Community Growth

The Simla Committee for Community Growth, recently formed, had a wonderful first outreach at Simla Days on Saturday July 8th.

Members visited with neighbors from Simla, Matheson and Ramah, local vendors and organizations (as well as those visiting from neighboring communities) collecting feedback from our shared community regarding ideas to pursue economic growth opportunities in our region, integrated with the values and assets that make our community unique.

Response was overwhelmingly positive, and highlighted the willingness by community members not only to speak up, but also sign up to take part in the continuing conversation and/or volunteer their time towards projects and improvements.

If you are interested in being a part of this group, next meeting is July 21st, 5:30 pm, at Simla Branch Library.

First Thursdays Elizabeth

Just to the north of us, local businesses and organizations have joined together to provide benefits to their community and each other through collaborative effort.