Writers Of The Plains

No Meeting for August

The Writer's Group is taking a Summer Sabbatical

Regular monthly meetings will resume, 2nd Friday of the month, @ 6:30 p.m. in September

Finish That Novel!

Struggling through the final push before your book is ready to publish? Here's 6 tips to get you over the hump and to the finish line.

Read "Finish That Novel".

How Close is Your Novel to Publish-Ready?

Feel overwhelmed by formatting/submission for self-publishing? Tamara Cribley, owner of The Deliberate Page and her team can help.

Tamara and her team of colleagues assist the Indie author prepare to publish, from a publishing checklist for the ardent DIY'er to hands on workshops and a menu of services to assist the Indie author with formatting, layout, and cover art that stands out in a crowd, The Deliberate Page team bring their expertise and skills to support your self-publishing journey.

Audience Building

Wishing for either feedback and/or audience for your creations? Try these no-cost options to gain both.

Calling all Lovers of the Written Word

Is your relationship with writing a brand new passion, a long-term, cosy commitment, or stormy battlefield that leaves you wondering if the honeymoon is, in fact, over?

We're here for you!

Join Us next month for:

  • Exercises and Information to lay the fertile ground to attract or keep that new love alive and ever moving forward.
  • Thoughtful feedback on your current passion, or the one you can't quite let go of, but continues to defy your understanding of where to go from...here.
  • Mentorship and Support while you invest blood, sweat and tears into the very creation destined to leave you and make its' own way in the world.
  • Insight from guest Industry Experts and Self-Published Authors who walk the same Passion Path you do.

Coming Soon to Shelf Near You...