Season of Giving

Find the Right Way to Give

It's that time of year when Giving is in the air all around us. And that's a good thing. Organizations are doing extra fundraising, many of us turn our thoughts to those less fortunate - all in the name of giving. But don't let this spirit of giving create pressure or stress! Kindness and compassion are wonderful things, and should be shared by all, especially this time of the year. We want to help you! Below are some ways to keep your giving stress-free and joyful!


"Adopt A Reader" hopes to reach out to under-privileged families with children of reading age (7-18 yrs) who may not have access to books of their own.

How it works:

"Adopt A Reader" will provide a year of books to each child. They will receive a book by mail every other month, plus two extra books: one for their birthday and one for the winter holidays. Each book will be carefully selected for their reading level, to both entertain and broaden the readers' horizons.

How to participate:

When you come in the store, just choose a dollar amount from the tree and bring it to the register when you checkout.

Themed Gift Recommendations

We want to make it easy for you! Follow our themed recommendations on Facebook to get great gift ideas for every kind of person you know! Here are 3 examples...

Custom Gift Baskets

Baby shower, birthday, & holiday gift-giving just got a whole lot easier—and cuter!

Choose from our pre-built baskets, or we’ll hand-build one just for you. Just choose a theme or tell us about the recipient (interests, age, etc.) Our expert children’s booksellers will pick a wonderful array of the best books and gifts for the lucky child!

Most baskets will contain an average of three books and one to two gift items for $39.95—that's 15-20% in savings (no additional discounts apply!) More expensive baskets with more books/items are available upon request.

Or, the Easiest Idea Ever...

Don't know what to get someone? How about a gift certificate? Use the button below to order one right now.
Get a Gift Certificate!

Available in any amount.

Holiday Books, Cards, & Wrapping Paper

Whether you're looking for festive recipes, Christmas stories, Hanukkah baby books, holiday wrap and boxed or single holiday cards, we've got it (and more.)

Swing by to see all the festive goodies we have out!

The Best Books of 2017

As 2017 fades away, it's not hard to look back at the best books we read in 2017. So we asked some of the booksellers here at The Bookloft to give us their top 5 books from 2017.

CLICK HERE to see what they each came up with so far!

Keep an eye on our blog as we update it with more of our favorite books of 2017!

Children's holiday Catalog

At a loss for what to get the little ones in your life? Grab a free catalog of new recommended books that are sure to delight younger readers of all ages! Sorted by age for your convenience. (This is particularly useful if you know nothing about the child other than their age.)

Did you know?

We can special order that book you're looking for if we don't already have it in stock! Most books arrive within 1-2 business days, with no shipping charge.

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