Museum of Heritage & Arts

Saints & Sinners Tour

September 18th & October 23rd

Valencia County, once known for its vineyards and orchards, is home to some of the oldest churches in New Mexico. The Los Lunas Museum of Heritage & Arts invites you to join us on a religious art & history tour of three of these notable churches: Our Lady of Guadalupe in Peralta, Immaculate Conception in Tomé, and San Antonio de Los Lentes. We will also stop at the Camino Real Winery for a sampling of their wines and lunch at the Museum of Heritage & Arts to view "Tracking Billy the Kid in History, Folklore & Legend."

$35.00 per person - To RSVP call: (505)352-7720 or email: heritage@loslunasnm.gov

Camino Real Winery, Inc.

The Camino Real Winery sits on four acres just below historic Tomé Hill. Jon and Dolores Chavez knew the importance of blending history with variety when they opened in 2012.

They have captured the very essence of a valley historically known for harvesting renowned mission wine grapes of long ago. Camino Real Winery takes that taste long lost from its origin and blends some of the best varieties of dry and sweet wines with grapes harvested right from this fertile soil.

Museum of Heritage & Arts

Ray John de Aragon has collected Billy the Kid memorabilia since he was a child. He has also been in the news recently with his newly found portrait of Billy the Kid. The print is exhibited along with the forensic study that determined that his photo is indeed that of Billy the Kid. Come wander through Tracking Billy the Kid in History, Folklore & Legend to discover Los Lunas’ link to Fort Sumner and Billy the Kid.