Independent Bookstore Day

Come party with us!

Independent Bookstore Day

Saturday, April 29th, 9am-5pm

118 North 3rd Street

Marquette, MI

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It'll be loads of fun

You are cordially invited to Independent Bookstore Day, an annual, national party at small local bookshops.

What's in store this year? Authors Josh MacIvor-Andersen (Rooted, On Heights & Hunger) and Kath Usitalo (100 Things to Do in the Upper Peninsula Before You Die) will be here hanging out and signing books. Atop that we'll have snacks, plenty of conversation, maybe some deals and maybe some prizes.

You'll have to come and see. We're stoked, and we hope you are too. :)

What is IBD?

Independent Bookstore Day is modeled after the wildly successful Record Store Day, where record stores across the country hold a national celebration of their resilience in a changing economy. That's what we're doing. It can be hard to show just how much we love and appreciate our friends who support us. We like to highlight it when we can--so we're gonna party like it's 1899 with real, paper books and real, IRL friends.