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Ella B. Pure Soy Candles

Ella B. Pure Soy Candles were born in Charlotte, NC and are sold at fine retailers nationwide. The creative team at Ella B. are known for their commitment to high quality fragrance, hand pouring and harnessing the emblematic power of smell and making it work for distinctive localities. MacIntosh is thrilled to offer three new Ella B. scents, evocative of the island experience. Sanibel, Captiva and Going Coastal come ready to share in beautiful gift-wrapped boxes.

New in the Kid's Zone

Middle Grade Fun

The "Pearls Before Swine" crew is back in their second collection of cartoons for the middle grade crowd.

Know-it-all Rat is always at the center of the action, accompanied by slow-witted Pig who is innocently oblivious to most of Rat's jabs. Rounded out with high-browed Goat, the mild and vulnerable Zebra, and the hilariously inept Crocs, the cast is ready to provide hours of reading fun. Paperback $9.99