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Tedtalks Across, Pop Culture Crosswords $9.95

Crammed with today's notable people, places, and trends, these puzzles will delight savvy solvers who know their Zac Efron from their Nora Ephron and smile at the clue "'I' pad?" because they instantly know the answer: "IGLOO."

What are you taking about?

What to Talk About by Chris Colin & Rob Baedeker $14.95

Learn how to talk fluently, Intelligently, and charmingly to:
Future Lovers
Bank Tellers
Postal Carriers
People Under the Age of Eight
*Bonus: How to talk while the dentist is drilling your cavity!

What to Talk About is not rocket science, but it is a lot like brain surgery, in the sense that is terrifying, risky—and could change you forever.

Check out their Interview on NPR's Here and Now here.

2014 Pulitzer Prize WInners

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Meet Trouper at Art Walk

Friday, May 2nd, 6pm

2200 First St

Fort Myers, FL

Meet Dot and Trouper Lee, along with best-selling author, Kyle Miller at Art Walk in beautiful downtown Fort Myers. Trouper: the adventures of a blind raccoon, details the story of Trouper's amazing rescue and rehabilitation. This book was awarded a Gold Medal in the 2012 Florida Publishers Association President's Book Awards.
It includes an introduction to Trouper's Teachings, a wildlife education program for children.
Perfect for ages 5 and up $12.95
For more information on Trouper and his owner, click here.