SRA Club

Sustainable Resilient Abundance

Saturday, February 18th @ 9:30 a.m.

Waiting to Spring into Summer....

We daily set forth into bone-chilling winds, to work, to care for stock, to celebrate as new life appears in our herds.

We protect from weather our partners in life and gaze out the kitchen window at the frozen ground, with the well-wished thought, "Rest - soon, it will be gardening season..."

...Then we skip around in warm, chinook style winds, and sunny days, as a Colorado winter blesses us with those warm sunny mid-winter days keep our spirits up.

We pore over seed catalogues and spend our Cabin Blues time to connect with others in our community who feel as we do - to learn and plan for the days when warm winds blow without bringing a blizzard and the days grow in length.

Intrigued about our group of wonderful neighbors? You're one of Us!

Double El & Agate Conservation Districts

Your partners in conservation, Double El & Agate provide education, equipment, knowledge, design, supplies and grant assistance for your projects. District Manager Cheryl Churchwell will be joining us to share information on their annual tree program and

February Line Up

Guest Speakers, Local Workshops and more...

  1. Cheryl Churchwell of Double El Conservation presents information regarding affordable seedling tree, shrub and grass seed options offered through their local office that give the best returns on investment for our local environment.
  2. Discussion of soil building techniques, plants that work to build soil health and getting started for variety skills/abilities needs.
  3. Introducing our Live-Off-Grid Neighbors and Teachers to the South in Rush, Colorado. Abundaculture.com - Resource for our local environment AND easy to make 1 or 2 day training sessions to learn more about utilizing local conditions best for:
  • Energy
  • Shelter
  • Water
  • Food
  • Waste

Our group will be scheduling a 1/2 day field trip this spring to visit our off-grid neighbors to the south to learn more.