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Is that...the SUN??? Oh, happy day!


Remember Thirteenth Tale?

Once Upon a River by Diane Setterfield

Time to settle down for a story. It begins, as good stories should, with the rescue of a pair of strangers on a winter night. Though all is not as it seems in Setterfield’s latest, as Once Upon a River quickly delves into a mystery. The young girl was dead when she was pulled from the river, but hours later she begins to breathe. As the story of her revival spreads, more than one member of the village feels mysteriously drawn to her. Could she be their missing child, estranged granddaughter, long-lost sister? Setterfield’s work is the closest an adult can come to settling down for story time, and Once Upon a River has the same magic, timeless, and cozy charm of a tale that has been told through the ages. Simply lovely. ~ From IndieNext (and Dianne & Dana wholeheartedly agree)

For those of you who missed Thirteenth Tale (one of our favorites!), we probably have some used ones floating around the store. Or order a new copy here.

Made in Michigan

A new sideline arrived yesterday, just for the holidays.

For the next few months, as the weather rages outside, we'll all be snuggled up inside reading, drink in hand. Whether that's coffee, tea, or something stronger, we can now keep you company with these lovely literary themed mugs and rocks glasses. They're from a company in Ann Arbor, really well-made, and would be a great gift, maybe with a SB gift card tucked inside.

In case you've wondered...

Hollywood vs. the Author edited by Jay Schwartz

These author essays and interviews give real life experience and insight into the world of adapting stories and ideas for Hollywood. Authors with horror stories to tell and some who loved the experience, screen writers who have the challenge of changing a book to a script, even a few who have gone toe to toe with Hollywood and its army (I mean legal team), to fight for their stories. Finally, proof the book is better and why that’s true. -Shelby

The Craziness Continues...

We are in full holiday mode here at SB - ordering every day, gift-wrapping, recommending, and trying not to eat all the chocolate. (Yes, the Dove chocolate is back - the season is officially here.)

Here are a few things to keep in mind this month (& year round):


  • gift-wrap
  • ship
  • special order
  • have gift cards
  • are full of advice (about books, not life)
  • are open 7 days a week
  • and 24/7 online
  • have chocolate
  • can keep a secret

Downtown Parking

This is our PSA for the month... weekday parking downtown is free after 3 p.m. now through the end of the year.

And, of course, it's always free on weekends.

Santa's Little Helpers

Does shopping stress you out? Is there an annoyingly picky person on your gift list? Short on time? Do you hate wrapping gifts?

Snowbound Gift Cards can help ease your pain & suffering. Quick to get & easy to give - just pop it in a card (we have really cool ones). All done.

We can even mail them for you. Just give us a call or order online.


OPEN 7 DAYS: weekdays 10-7 / weekends 10-5

We special order, gift wrap and ship.