SRA Club

Sustainable Resilient Abundance

Saturday October 20th @ 2 PM - Simla Library

Our own SRA member, Jeremy Klecker, will share lessons learned regarding soil building on their Eastern Plains Colorado homestead in the past 3 years - What has worked, What is work in progress and what hasn't worked.

Join us for this 'real life' share that includes not only knowledge from his own learning permaculture background, but what it looks like when a move to an area, climate and new place that may not have the infrastructure you're used to, REALLY looks like.

As always, food, fun and round table on whatever topic comes up, as our group meets!

Instant Garden & Soil Building in 8 minutes

Geoff Lawton Build an Instant Garden

Did You Know?

Cardboard for feeding soil/earthworms - YES! JUST remember to pull off the packing tape - before laying down to build your soil areas. Color ink? Most are soy bean based now - so keep in mind. Many companies switching to biodegradable shipping labels, boxes AND 'protect fragile stuff" packing materials now - don't just throw away into landfill based off of outdated information!

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Community Resources

Double El Conservation District

Double El has does more than just trees, they can assist you with your Small Acreage Planning needs. Learn more here .