The Snow Globe

2018 in the Bag. What Excitement Awaits in 2019?

Thank you.

We've had a few days to catch our breath after a hectic (but fun) December, and now we're buckling down to do taxes (Dana) and inventory (everybody). For some reason we're still trying to figure out, Lea is really excited about this.

2018 was a big one for Snowbound, a year full of changes and adjustments. Michael moved on to a new job downstate, but we got Lea back. Ezra went wandering around Europe, but Shelby joined the team. Book World closed, and we made a lot of new friends, people who chose to shop in their community instead of going to the Big A. We miss the guys, but we're so thankful for everything else.

So, looking forward. What's up? We'll continue tweaking the store, painting here and there, rearranging a bit, expanding some sections, tightening up some others. This is a never-ending task. Like any good bookstore, Snowbound is akin to a living organism, perpetually adapting to wants and needs, influx and outflow. Somehow, no matter how many books arrive, the shelves inexplicably expand to accommodate them. And when we sell a lot, like in December, when it feels like we've been so busy the cupboard should be bare, somehow it fills the gaps, and we look around to rooms full of fascinating titles. Even after twenty years, it still fills me with wonder.

There are tons of great new releases to look forward to. I've highlighted a few down below covering next few months, and I'll keep you updated for titles further out. Stay tuned.

The most monumental transition we'll be undergoing in 2019 is preparing for Dianne's retirement next year. It's surreal to type that sentence, let alone absorb its meaning. I thought I'd been mentally acclimating to this plan, but my god. It's just too weird. I think it's something we all need time to accept, so I'm telling you now so we can all get through this together. (And maybe secretly we're all hoping she'll change her mind.)

Thank you to each and every one of you - whether you've been in the store one time or a thousand - for keeping us in the community. We wouldn't be here if not for you, and it is our honor to be your bookstore. ~ Dana





Here's how:

Throughout this year, we'll be running little word contests. The winner gets a $15 gift card. We're all word lovers, right? Let see how you do.

For the first one, see how many words you can make out of the word "SNOWBOUND." (There are more than you think!)

The rules are a little loose: Words must be 3+ letters. No names. Swear words will be accepted. Slang is okay, too. If you can convince me it's a word, I may buy it. (Provide a sample sentence for questionable words. Creativity will earn you leniency.) Winner is the one with the most words.

You have one week. Email lists to snowboundbooks@live.com with "Snow Globe Contest" in the subject line.

Judge's decision is final. Lists will be posted on our website. This contest will self-destruct on Friday, January 11, 2019.


OPEN 7 DAYS: weekdays 10-7 / weekends 10-5

We special order, gift wrap and ship.