Tour De Tomé is next Saturday

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Tour De Tomé

Saturday, June 17

Cost: $5 per person

Bring: sack lunch, sun protection,
& comfortable shoes

Please call the museum at 505-352-7720 to sign up.

The features of the area now incorporated as Tomé, New Mexico, have long intrigued residents and travelers to the area. Petroglyphs dating from as far back as 3000 B.C.E. can be seen on Tomé Hill alongside markings from 17th and 18th century Spanish settlers and Camino Real travelers. Rising dramatically above the Rio Grande valley, Tomé Hill was used for centuries by native peoples as a sacred ceremonial site. Today, Tomé Hill and Church retain sacred significance as pilgrimage sites, steeped in the rich tradition of Los Penitentes. Contemporary Tomé is a destination for art, culture, history, faith practices, and agriculture.

9:15 Meet at the Los Lunas Admin. Building
(660 Main St NW, Los Lunas)
9:30 Depart by bus for Tomé
9:45—11:00 Tomé Museum and Cemetery
11:00—12:00 Tomé Gallery
12:00—1:00 Sack lunch at the park
1:15—1:45 Tomé Plaza
1:45—2:45 Tomé Church
2:45—3:15 Tomé Hill
3:15—4:15 Wine Tasting at Camino Real Winery
4:15 Depart for Village Administration
4:30 Return to Admin-End of Tour

Saturday, June 17, 2017
Cost: $5 per person
Bring: sack lunch, sun protection, and comfortable shoes

*Historians will interpret all sites for tour goers*