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July 2019
Volume VI Issue 7

from the Editor

The month of July starts off with fireworks! And the fireworks continue throughout the month. July is jam packed with special events! Be sure to read to the bottom of the newsletter to find out everything that's happening at the store and in the community!

And of course, we are always stocked with fabulous books - both NEW and USED! What better way to spend your long holiday weekend than curled up with a book at the beach or park or your own backyard! The Hockessin Book Shelf stocks a large variety of fiction and non-fiction books sure to satisfy your reading pleasures. We also have an extensive selection of required summer reading titles and are happy to special order new books to fulfill summer reading requirements at 20% off the cover price. Summer is a great time to catch up on your "books to read" list or try out one of our book groups!

The Hockessin Book Shelf will be closed July 4th. We wish you all happy and safe 4th of July celebrations. Maybe we'll see you at the parade.

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Francesca's Pick

The Girls at 17 Swann Street

By: Yara Zgheib

The Girls at 17 Swann Street was a book I picked up by chance; one of many I pulled from an ever-growing stack. By the first page I was sucked in by the raw, yet elegant, prose. Anna-a French dancer recently displaced by her husband's new job in America - is 26 years old, 5’ 4”, and 88 pounds. Upon her admission to the treatment center at 17 Swann Street, Anna is reluctant to admit her problem. She masks her disorder as an attempt to eat healthy, to avoid the processed American foods laden with fat and sugar. We sit beside her for each painstaking meal, where she is forced to reintegrate the foods she fears within a strictly-timed period. We partake in the discomfort that increases with her prescribed caloric intake and we feel the panic that unfolds as she faces recovery. Recovery begins to take on a new meaning. It contains a sense of danger, loss of control. As we join Anna in her rabbithole, Zgheib pulls us out intermittently with her incorporation of clinical assessment forms: an outside perspective and reminder of how easy it is to be blinded by an eating disorder. What we felt was the end of the world was a bagel with cream cheese but, to Anna, this was her reality.

Zgheib manages to avoid glorifying eating disorders without relying too heavily on fear mongering. She shows us the most gruesome truths, but not without addressing the validity of the women at 17 Swann Street and their struggles. Eating disorders go so far beyond feeling ‘fat’ and recovery goes so far beyond just eating. This book sheds light on these complexities that too often go unnoticed and makes a problem that has been obscured by the media one that can be more easily understood by anyone.

Francesca just completed her first year at University of Pittsburgh and we are pleased to welcome her back for the summer!

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